Wall mounted bell that patients ring at the end of their course of radiotherapy
Moaning, Oligodendroglioma, Radiotherapy

It tolls for thee

Yes, I finished radiotherapy, and yes I rang the bell, but it was an anticlimax. Why? Well, lots of reasons really. First off, the day before my final treatment, at the weekly clinician review Sarah the Neuro Oncology nurse specialist reminded me that radiotherapy side effects usually get worse for a few weeks after you… Continue reading It tolls for thee

Moaning, Oligodendroglioma, Radiotherapy


First off I need to make it clear that many people lose all their hair due to chemotherapy (even nose hair! who knew?) or alopecia and that is so very much worse than what is happening to me. I am lucky really, and need a dry slap. But I'm still going to whine. At length.… Continue reading Hairmageddon

Moaning, Oligodendroglioma

There’s a ghost in my house

It’s me. This is the second Saturday in a row that I feel really quite down. A useless burden. Full of hate, and hateful.  This tumour is like a newborn baby. It consumes all your time and available memory, leaving you with nothing else to talk about, boring the pants off everyone else.  There's nothing… Continue reading There’s a ghost in my house

Benny from Crossroads in a beanie hat

The definition of madness

The week leading up to treatment beginning, I'm quite down, tired and crotchety. If I'm like this before treatment starts, what kind of bitch will I be when the going actually gets tough? What seems inescapable is the idiocy of willingly submitting myself to nearly a year of most likely gruelling treatment when I feel… Continue reading The definition of madness

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The easy wait

The day after the biopsy began with all the usual poking and prodding that comes with hospitals. Two healthcare assistants, Wendy and Jean came to offer me a bed bath. It seemed a bit previous, having met them mere seconds before, so I politely declined. They offered me a bowl of water to give myself… Continue reading The easy wait