Radiotherapy mask
Oligodendroglioma, Radiotherapy

The Mould Room

And speed up everything did. The day after meeting Paula, the mask fitting, an MRI and CT scan were arranged for the following two days.  None of us could work out why it would take two days to make the mask. E suggested it's made on the first day and I get to go back… Continue reading The Mould Room


The hard wait

The first few days back at home were easy. It still hadn't really occurred to me to worry too much about the biopsy results. The biopsy itself had been the hurdle, and had been cleared. My sister in law came to visit for a few days with her toddler son. It was a lovely distraction… Continue reading The hard wait


Aftermath II

Once out of hospital, a microscopically thin veneer of normality settled over life. I focussed my worry on mundane things like how to get all the necessary school uniform, new shoes etc for the kids when I couldn't drive and was pretty much too scared to go out in case I keeled over.  Not knowing… Continue reading Aftermath II

An MRI scan of a brain

Crouching doctor, hidden tumour

A porter arrived to take me for the MRI early on Monday morning, before the scheduled appointments started.  Several of the ceiling panels in the neuro-imaging waiting area have been replaced with backlit pictures of meadows and flowers, which is a pretty, nice touch for people being wheeled in and out. Perhaps not *quite* as… Continue reading Crouching doctor, hidden tumour