Moaning, Oligodendroglioma, Radiotherapy


First off I need to make it clear that many people lose all their hair due to chemotherapy (even nose hair! who knew?) or alopecia and that is so very much worse than what is happening to me. I am lucky really, and need a dry slap. But I'm still going to whine. At length.… Continue reading Hairmageddon


The kindness of strangers. And everyone else.

This post has been the most difficult to write so far. Not because of the bad stuff, but because of the good stuff. It's completely overwhelming and I really don't have the words or even structure to do justice to the feelings involved. You'll see that from the rambling and lack of any sort of… Continue reading The kindness of strangers. And everyone else.

cycle of acceptance

Aftermath I

A makes me promise I wouldn't Google brain tumours.  Dr Google is renowned for his shit bedside manner and extreme preference for worst case scenarios, so just this once, I'm happy to do what I'm told.  The first thing I do Google is the stages of acceptance. No idea why though.  The five stages we generally… Continue reading Aftermath I