Brain tumour playlist

The night before the first appointment with the neurosurgeon was a sleepless one. The first two songs on this list played in my mind on a loop. I decided that my subconscious was using music to process my feelings about all this business, and keeping a record of my persistent earworms over this period would reveal some deep and profound truths. Some of these songs I don’t particularly like. Some I downright despise, but like a park ranger trying to interpret the gestures and yelps of Lassie or Skippy the Kangaroo, I picked over the selection and discovered that my subconscious could not be less profound if it tried.  It just watches too many adverts and is fond of a the clunkily obvious. Oh well.

No idea what this is trying to say. It’s good though, innit? A commenter on the youtube link helpfully points out that the ‘it’s fallen, it’s fallen all down‘ refrain sounds very much like ‘his swollen, his swollen ball sack‘. You’ll not be able to hear anything else now.

This song is not familiar to me, but it seemed quite calm and soothing. Turns out to be off an advert.

It’s the ‘be careful what you wish for because you just might get it‘ bit that stuck in my mind. Pretty sure I didn’t wish for a brain tumour or a Pussycat Dolls earworm though.

So much poetry in this one. Of course there’s ‘growing like a tumor, here is the rumor‘, but also ‘Some drop science, while I’m dropping English‘ because E has her GCSE options coming up. It’s nice to be influenced by something other than my chuffing brain or an advert though. However, the Key Stage 4 National Curriculum means she can’t drop either subject, so tough tits, kiddo.

This was a very strong earworm when I woke up from the biopsy. Mainly because I was still alive. Oh, and it’s on an advert.

Inescapable during the first few days after the biopsy, when there was a hole in my head. Oh ha ha ha brain. Have you not been enough of a dick for one lifetime yet? Much as I love this song, and Prince in general, it did properly upset me thinking about how he died all alone. Poor Prince. It must have been awful.

A case of cloth ears. I had a stereotactic biopsy, and thought the chorus said ‘something something stereotactically‘. It doesn’t.

Oh look! Another advert.

Can I kick it? Well hopefully, yes. But it was actually the ‘Afrocentric living is a big shrug‘ line that stuck. What relevance that has to the situation is beyond me. But hasn’t Q-Tip got a lovely voice?

Dunno why. But the Peruvian nose flute bit is hella catchy.

If you surrender your driving licence in northern England in September, and have to walk everywhere, you will get caught in the rain. And I do like it. This song however, I hate. It’s also off an advert.

Strong suspicions of being off an advert or at least a trailer for an upcoming TV show.

It’s the ‘no more ponytails‘ line. 😦

I cheated here. It was actually Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You that was the earworm, but I hate his music even more than the Pina Colada one, so have replaced it with No Scrubs, which is the original of Shape of You.

Playing in the pre-treatment MRI.

Very strong when I was writing the Kindness of strangers post.

If you have any desire to further torture yourself with this list of songs off adverts, you can find them all here:

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