Oligodendroglioma, Radiotherapy

Being brave

You're so brave! This is what people say to you when you're going through something like this. Nah. It's not bravery, it's lack of choicery.  Life lobs these boulders in all of our paths, and you either climb over them or sit down and give up. No one makes it through unscathed, and we all… Continue reading Being brave

Radiotherapy mask
Oligodendroglioma, Radiotherapy

The Mould Room

And speed up everything did. The day after meeting Paula, the mask fitting, an MRI and CT scan were arranged for the following two days.  None of us could work out why it would take two days to make the mask. E suggested it's made on the first day and I get to go back… Continue reading The Mould Room

Oligodendroglioma, Radiotherapy

It’s not a given

The thing about brain tumours is that there are over 120 types. Granted, adult primary brain tumours tend to be one of a handful of types, but multiply that by all the different places in your brain they could occur, and times that by the age and underlying health of the person who owns that… Continue reading It’s not a given

Hospital, Limbo, Moaning

The easy wait

The day after the biopsy began with all the usual poking and prodding that comes with hospitals. Two healthcare assistants, Wendy and Jean came to offer me a bed bath. It seemed a bit previous, having met them mere seconds before, so I politely declined. They offered me a bowl of water to give myself… Continue reading The easy wait


Aftermath II

Once out of hospital, a microscopically thin veneer of normality settled over life. I focussed my worry on mundane things like how to get all the necessary school uniform, new shoes etc for the kids when I couldn't drive and was pretty much too scared to go out in case I keeled over.  Not knowing… Continue reading Aftermath II


The kindness of strangers. And everyone else.

This post has been the most difficult to write so far. Not because of the bad stuff, but because of the good stuff. It's completely overwhelming and I really don't have the words or even structure to do justice to the feelings involved. You'll see that from the rambling and lack of any sort of… Continue reading The kindness of strangers. And everyone else.


Swings and roundabouts

Saturday morning arrived with me trussed up like a Shredded Wheat in an array of  wires after sleeping attached to a gazillion monitors. A team of 3 managed to disentangle the mess, and then a steady stream of visitors arrived, including A and the kids, coming back early from visiting his parents despite my protestations… Continue reading Swings and roundabouts

Hospital, Seizure

Black Friday

After leaving hospital, we headed home, against my mum's better judgement. She wanted me to stay with her and my dad so they could look after me. I was wrung out and just wanted my own bed.  Friends reassured me that half the people who have a seizure never have another. It's just one of… Continue reading Black Friday

My left hand, frozen and unable to move

So it begins

Fair warning - this post is a bit serious and grim. This blog will get better, honestly. Well, there'll be more crap jokes anyway. Before, everything was normal. There were good days, there were bad days and there were lots of in between days. Get up, go to work, come home, spend time with the… Continue reading So it begins